image of Bench Grinder, Consaw and Angle Grinder for Abrasive Wheels Training Course

Abrasive Wheels Safety Awareness

The  Abrasive Wheels Safety Awareness Course is a legal requirement for everyone involved in the purchase & selection, storage & handling, mounting, dressing and use of abrasive wheels. This includes fixed bench grinders, portable angle grinders and con-saws.

  • 􏰀  Safely store and identify abrasive wheels
  • 􏰀  Select the appropriate wheel use
  • 􏰀  Inspect and recognise damaged wheels
  • 􏰀  Correctly mount an abrasive wheel
  • 􏰀  Understand the hazards and risks when using abrasive wheels
  • 􏰀  Understand Abrasive wheels regulations
  • 􏰀  Identifying the hazards working with abrasive wheels
  • 􏰀  Select correct wheel for the job
  • 􏰀  Inspect & test abrasive wheels
  • 􏰀  Correctly use guarding of grinding and cutting operations
  • 􏰀  Understand the functions of components, flanges, blotters etc
  • 􏰀  Understand the differences between grinding and cutting operations
image of angle grinder for Angle Grinder Abrasive Wheels Course

Abrasive Wheels Course - 3 Hour Course  3 Year Certificate

Training can offer businesses and individuals an Abrasive Wheels Training Course anytime that suits your requirements  7 days a week in any location.This is usaully on-site at your premises. New regulations (2016) are now in place and a legal requirement for use of Abrasive Wheels, details can be found by visiting the HSA website.The Abrasive Wheels Training Course includes: the correct selection of wheels, mounting, dressing and trueing, safe handling and storage, ring test, PPE and disc markings. Anybody using Abrasive Wheels in the workplace must be trained and competent. Workers using abrasive wheels should be named in the safety staement as appointed persons with a current certificate of training in Selection, Inspection and Correct Mounting of Abrasive Wheels.

Abrasive Wheels Regulations 2016

  • Must be suitable for the work
  • Must have expiry date, speed, restrictions of use
  • Must have any other information for safe use.
  • Every machine must be marked with speed.
  • Properly mounted by authorised personnel.
  • Guards must be provided, secured, maintained.
  • Enclosed except where required for work.
  • Rests must be provided, adjusted & secured.
  • Provide flanges where required for safe use.
image of glove pulled into bench grinder for Abrasive Wheels Safety Awareness Training

Abrasive Wheels Course Outline

  • Abrasive Wheels Regulations 2016
  • Types of Abrasive Wheels
  • Inspection and Handling
  •  Hazards, Risks and Controls
  • Methods of Marking
  • Operating
  • Ring Test
  • Correct Section of Abrasive Wheels
  • Correct Mounting of Abrasive Wheels
image of damaged abrasive wheel for Abrasive Wheels Safety Awareness Training

It is now a requirement that all staff using Abrasive Wheels are appointed and recorded within the Company Safety Statement, these staff must be trained in abrasive wheels selection, mounting, handling and storage.